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How to Spot the Best and Worst Custom Writing Companies

Sometimes, it’s pretty difficult to establish which online company to trust or not. Anyone can craft an excellent-looking website and make false promises and claims. The increase of college paper writing services has determined the appearance of some unreliable competitors as well. In spite of that, there are some ways you can distinguish between these two teams. Stay with us to find out.

Look for references, aka, customer reviews
If, in the past, we would have asked for recommendations before choosing someone’s assistance, now, we proceed to scan more than one review of previous clients. That is one way to verify a company’s reliability. In this direction, TopEssayWriting is a company that ranks excellently, since it has a myriad of positive client reviews, and plenty of testimonials that communicate the same message: this is a service you can count on. Papers are, without exception, delivered in time, and the indications of the customers are always taken into account.

On the opposite side, the reviews for DissertationCapital are negative, and we have found out that many students wanted to get their money back, after being sent their order, which was of the lowest quality. Our rating of this company is also low, taking into account the existence of grammatical errors on the website, and other pressing concerns.

It’s always a good idea to look for customer reviews, to avoid making the same mistake other people made before you.

Look for simple, honest pricing system
The pricing system is also a clear indicator highlighting a company’s integrity. For instance, at first glance, FreshEssays appears like a reputable company, which caters services for the needs of every student. Nonetheless, their system has a fundamental flaw.

They provide extra features such as editing services by a professional editor, which should enhance the original paper. Not only that such a feature will increase the overall price of the paper, but also questions the validity of the basic, initial service furnished in the first place. We couldn’t say that is a fraud or scam, but the concept it transmits isn’t a good one.

BuyEssay is another company whose pricing system communicates the wrong message. To be more precise, the prices are unusually high, considering the rates in the industry, and the matter of discounts remains a secret affair.

Another example would be DissertationCapital, which doesn’t highlight its pricing system on the website.
Therefore, we advise you to evaluate the information regarding prices, discounts, promo code, and coupon codes, before filling in a form. If a company isn’t upfront regarding its pricing system, there’s something fishy.

Look for well-written web content
Nothing screams unreliable custom writing service as poorly written web content does. Such an example would be MasterPapers. Although it has been operating in this industry since 2004, it approaches its potential customers in an unusual, informal manner. That only makes us question the reliability of the service. As a golden rule, we advise you always to check a company’s web content.

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