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In my scholarly writing career, I have been able to compose several articles based on my knowledge I have so far gathered as a student and a professional in the field of literary work. My strength has been proved in the essay writing and creating content. In my past articles, my grammar levels are considerably high, since I have been able to maintain consistency in the manner in which I create sentences and the flow of information from one idea to the next. Writing is a career of creativity since any article was written is based on an idea that was composed in the mind of the author, and without any reference, sentences were created (Zappala & Carden, 2010).

I have been challenged substantially by articles from other essay writers from who have expertise in idea transition and composition of strong and sensitive sentences. Thus, I have taken the task upon myself to go deeper into the understanding of grammar and sentence structure for me to improve my status as a professional. This self-evaluation is the same as the others I have done previously based on the same principal topic. However, the outcome of the practice is not just for the purpose of getting the current level but also to draw the line for next steps to be taken in the career to make writing better.

The articles I have written for class work are my guide in my writing career since they help me gauge myself after every short period. As a student, every article written reflects some level of research writing, since a student is required to go out of the class resources and find out what other sources say about the topic in consideration. This has made me a research writer who is capable of tackling new subjects and come up with the same level of quality in every paper. I have been able to write several research papers on scholarly topics in the course of my class assignments, hence improving my competence in writing. Authorship as a profession is based on the little efforts that the writer makes every time they have a new topic that requires them to find out more about it (Donnelly, 2012). This field calls for commitment and the quest to know more than what is at the disposal for the writer.

In sentence and word section, I am above average, since I can be able to compose words and sentences with minimal errors, as well as combining worlds to bring out an in depth meaning. If I were to rate my writing out of ten in my grammar levels when writing sentences, I would be comfortable to give myself eight since I still have to learn more about sentence structure to perfect my art of writing. In paragraph section, I have some learning to do, since my level is still not up to the standard that I would like to attain. I can compose sentences and make a paragraph but in between, I tend to make mistakes when it comes to transition from one sentence to the next, especially when I need to incorporate a new idea into the paragraph. This is where I admit that I need more learning to perfect my work of authorship and become a competent article writer.

Research papers and essay section does not seem to give me a lot of problems since I have strength in analyzing and summarizing ideas from other writers and come up with a new concept. Unlike when paragraphs and sentence structure are studied in deep, looking at the flow of ideas in an essay or research paper, I can comfortable rate myself above average and admit that there is no end in learning. Research papers are meant to be unique in composition but be able to bring out ideas as they are discussed by other writers (Garrison, 2014). However, many are times that writers fall into the temptation of copying and paraphrasing other people’s articles when doing their research. This is wrong and academically unacceptable, and this is where I tend to have a problem with many researchers. Researchers are meant to be professionals who are not supposed to be followed by a supervisor. This is a field where people are supposed to use other people’s ideas in building their concepts as well as confirming their own constructs. However, it is one field that many writers have lost touch with their careers due to lack of self control and discipline while handling other people’s information.

In quizzes, ask grammar and search devices, I am well equipped and can be able to take tests and pass them without failing. When it comes to short questions that do not require long sentences, I can bring out an idea to the best of the expectation. In peripherals and power points, the knowledge needed in a not composition of long sentences and sentences, rather, how to summarize information from large sources without losing the meaning. This is where I have my strength since I can be able to analyze a scholarly article, a news article or fiction works and come up with the primary idea that the writer used in composing the piece.

In grammar polls, guest books as well as awards writing, I do not have any problem, since they are not scholarly pieces where the structure is more valuable than what the writer is trying to bring out. In guest books and awards, what matters is the information being relayed and not how it is given. In the above-explained sections, the one I feel that I need more attention is the grammar and sentence structure, since I have several mistakes still left in my articles. I believe that learning does not stop, even when the reader has completed all the relevant reading materials. Writing is the best learning experience since it brings the person closer to the articles written by others and has a chance to scrutinize them.

Writers are best readers in the field of scholarly works (Kerr, 2013). Writing is a field that I love and would not wish to quit in the recent future. This is due to the exposure that I have been able to achieve, as well as the expression of ideas I have made in my articles. Writing is a career that requires passion and commitment (Terryberry, 2015). This is because; it is always a new thing every day in every article. Were it not for writing profession, students would not have articles to base their research on, and the world would be space as far knowledge is concerned.

This course in writing is going to boost my ability and competence in the profession since every day I learn new things that add up to my past knowledge. Thus, I feel that I am in the right place since writing is the next big thing in my life. When I do a self-evaluation on the things that I love, writing comes first, since most of the knowledge and competence that I have gathered so far comes as a result of my love for writing. Writing course is meant to make the students realize their abilities in different aspects of writing so that they can make decisions of which concept to capitalize on (Zappala & Carden, 2010). Thus, I would like to continue learning and perfecting on what I know, so that I can improve on what I feel is not up to the standards.

To conclude the analysis, I would wish to be honest with myself and reveal that I need a lot of help from my professor so that I can reach my goal in the writing profession. Writing is a field of expressing ideas through written pieces, which require a lot of honesty and trust. Thus, like any other scholar, I know I have not reached what I would like to achieve, and I admit that I cannot do it alone. Thus, a positive attitude and relationship with other professionals is the key to advancing in this career. However, from my self-evaluation, I can comfortably rate myself above average since I have been able to improve from last time I evaluated myself. This tells me that I am getting closer to my goal, but there is still some work to be done for it to be realized, which includes getting closer to my professor for guidance and testing.

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